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February 2014

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January 2014

The project earned the Citation of Merit Award for achievement in the prevention of occupational injuries during calendar year 2013 from the State of New Jersey Department of Labor.


Today 1.26.15 due to the impending blizzard, we will be issuing an emergency suspension of work at 12PM. The Field Office will be closing at 1:00PM today. Every - please drive carefully.

For those construction field ops personnel who are currently involved in a field activity please get to an appropriate safe stopping point, secure the work area, and leave for the day.

​Construction 2nd Shift - there will be no second shift this evening.

Start up will remain with a skeleton crew with NAES operators to support essential services for the remainder of the day and 2nd shift tonight

TOMORROW - Tuesday 1.27.15

Tomorrow we will be suspending all work.

The Office will be closed as well.

Start-up will have a skeleton crew with NAES Operators to support essential services.

Specific personnel will be notified as to responsibilities with regard to specific alternate starting times/snow removal plans.


We are planning on resuming normal business on Wednesday. Please check back for more updates.

2014 Third Quater Results

1. G. Aruuda

2. G. Crosby

​3. F. Beja

​The 4th quater is coming to a close, turn those summit modules in to increase your overall standing


Skanska SNC Lavalin JV is constructing an environmentally advanced, 655-megawatt gas-fired electricity generating facility in Newark, New Jersey. 

Please treat all systems as live.

Anything green tags is under the control of start-up and commissioning. To perform construction activities on these systems a permit must be requested, authorized, and posted at the location