This website was designed to keep our workforce up-to-date on current project information. Project Management will be posting updates under the severe weather information regarding project delayed openings and project closures due to severe weather systems.

In addition, we will provide updates frequently on whats going on in and around the project site.

Furthermore, you can access your most recent scores your team has accumulated in the safety super league. Also we may be posting additional assignments for your team to complete.

Lastly, we will providing safety flashes regarding current project initiatives to help promote an injury free environment


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February 2014

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January 2014

The project earned the Citation of Merit Award for achievement in the prevention of occupational injuries during calendar year 2013 from the State of New Jersey Department of Labor.


The project is currently  open.

2014 Third Quater Results

1. G. Aruuda

2. G. Crosby

​3. F. Beja

​The 4th quater is coming to a close, turn those summit modules in to increase your overall standing


Skanska SNC Lavalin JV is constructing an environmentally advanced, 655-megawatt gas-fired electricity generating facility in Newark, New Jersey. 

Please treat all systems as live.

Anything green tags is under the control of start-up and commissioning. To perform construction activities on these systems a permit must be requested, authorized, and posted at the location